Useful Information

ON this page you will find useful FAQ documents, past newsletters, and links to other information of intrest.

Fact Sheets and Other Useful Information

Use the links below to link to useful information or download frequently asked questions fact sheets in Word document format. the documents may take a few minutes to download and open.

DGHA terminology position paper

A paper delivered by DGHA member, Rowena Dowling, at the 2018 Australasian Orientation and Mobility Conference .

Best Dry Dog Food Reviews (Australia)

A useful website with reviews of the best dry dog food found in Australia.

Travelling with a Dog Guide

A frequently asked questions fact sheet which provides resources and information about travelling with a dog guide.

Things which can Harm Our Dogs

An Informative resource document, researched by Nadia Mattiazzo, regarding foods and substances which can Harm Our Dogs

Poisonous Plants for Dogs

A useful document researched by Katie Kerr, from Guide Dogs Queensland, outlining information about Poisonous Plants for Dogs to avoid.

Christmas foods Dogs should not eat

Useful information from vet, Nicklan Way, about A list of Christmas foods Dogs should not eat.