On this page you will find details of the DGHA Management Committee, governance documents, such as the DGHA constitution and Strategic Plan, and DGHA Annual Reports.

The role of the DGHA Management Committee is to identify the direction and objectives of DGHA, in accordance with issues raised by DGHA members, and is guided by the DGHA Committee Terms of Reference (RTF format)

Executive Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Dr Kevin Murfitt (VIC)
  • Deputy Chairperson: Claudia Stevenson (VIC)
  • Secretary: Greg Madson (WA)
  • Treasurer: John Hardie (VIC)
  • Social Media: Erika Webb (WA)

General Committee Members

  • Jamie Kelly (VIC)
  • Annette Ferguson (NSW)
  • Francois Jacobs (VIC)
  • Roslyn Matthews (QLD)
  • Bronwyn Drew (NSW)

Committee Membership

All financial members of DGHA are welcome to nominate for a position on the Management Committee . We value the contributions and experience of both full and associate members.

A call to nominate for a position on the Management Committee is circulated to all DGHA members prior to each years’ Annual General Meeting.

We are pleased to mentor new committee members, and to build the capacity of DGHA members to contribute to the governance of the Association at all levels.